Materials and finishes

Constructed using the finest materials, Dentii is available in a selection of desirable and durable options, designed to look fantastic at home and while travelling.


By Dentists

Designed by professionals with over 20 years experience giving you the best in design and oral hygiene.

Dentii Electric

DENTII’s flagship brush contains the most advanced and innovative features of any toothbrush available.

Dentii Manual

DENTII's manual brush captures all the oral health data needed to give informative feedback on your brushing habits.



Oral Health

Additional resources include educational videos on how to brush properly around implants, bridges and crowns. What's more, with our unique patent protected technology you will be able to discover the first signs of gum disease and use the brush as an oral cancer screening tool.


Via the Dentii App

Real time data will asses brushing methods and highlight missed areas, tips on improving oral hygiene and information about gum disease.

The app is an integral part of DENTII, connecting the brush to the user.