The Dentii App

The most advanced oral hygiene app that works in seamlessly with your Dentii brush. Receive full access the app with purchase of your Dentii toothbrush.

Brush Better

The app connects to the brush to monitor brushing habits, areas missed and areas of concern and there’s a timer and pressure indicator built into the brush. All this data will be used to give you tips on how to brush better and improve oral hygiene.

Dentist Data

Your dentist can monitor your brushing data and suggest ways to improve dental hygiene.

DENTII offers the world’s first oral hygiene diagnostic aid, designed to prompt you to visit a clinician if any signs of inflammation or bleeding are recorded.

Anytime Anywhere

Complete connectivity between the brush and app means that your brushing data is always monitored and we can keep a tab on disposable supplies so you never run out, wherever you are.