Coming in 2018

The Dentii range is under development and being made as we speak. Everything will be ready to ship to your door at the end of 2018. Be among the first to pre-order your DENTII brush and subscription.

Our Product Range


Constructed using the finest materials, choose from our range of beautiful metals and woods to create a brush as unique as you. With Dentii your brushing experience will change from chore to pure pleasure.

Electric Brushes

Manual Brushes



coming soon

Never run out of brush heads, toothpaste or mouth wash again. Sign up to a Dentii subscription plan and receive regular refills in the post before you need them.

Complimentary Subscription

With purchase of your Dentii toothbrush, receive free access to the full Dentii app featuring bespoke feedback to your brushing techniques, brushing timer and statistics on your oral health.

Professional Subscription

Prefer to have your consumables sent to you as regular, hassle free refills? This package is for you. It includes weekly biodegradable replaceable brush heads, toothpaste and mouthwash so you never run out again.

Premium Subscription

This is the the full works; weekly biodegradable brush heads, toothpaste, mouthwash, inter-dental brushes, a flossing handle and biodegradable floss heads.

Dental Monitoring

The Dentii App

The Dentii App is the core of the Dentii brand. The app works in seamlessly with all the Dentii products to collect data on how you use them, the health of your gums and teeth and how you could improve your oral health. The app keeps you on top of your oral health in between your usual dental appointments and provide quick and useful information for your dentist when you go.

Our Story

The Dentii Journey

Dentii was founded to create a luxury oral hygiene brand at an affordable price for everyone.

With over 15 years of dental experience and not seeing any change in the dental space, one of Dentii’s founders, Dr Sunny Sihra, decided to do something about it. He teamed with designer David Fowler and his team and together they started Dentii.

Our Story